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Greg F. Boca Raton, FL


Top notch, great attitudes, incredible, FAST service! Billy and Ray took great care of me and gave me exactly what I wanted on a custom cut pipe for my Suzuki. I went to the big names first and apparently they do not do exhaust anymore or just couldn't be bothered with a motorcycle. I explained to Ray what I needed and left it in the late afternoon. I was cutting my original pipe so that an adapter could be welded on to accommodate a Slip-on GSXR 750 muffler/can. The next morning just before noon I got a call from Billy saying it was done and I could come get it. His enthusiasm and sincerity came across on the phone, and he genuinely enjoyed giving me a perfect result! He even used a part that he had so I could return the adapter I bought to the store and get my $ back. These days it seems everybody worries only about the bottom line. Billy and his team are definitely old school perfectionists and get my highest accolades for a phenomenal job at an incredibly reasonable price! If you need anything done on your motorcycle or car, these guys are world class! Thanks again I love the job you did!!...

Cort B. Wilton Manors, FL

  This place and people are the absolute BEST place in Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park and surrounding areas for repairs and mufflers (they do a lot of custom muffler work and I am told they do a great job but custom mufflers are not for me)!  I am sure you have heard people tell you the mechanic they use is honest.  Listen to my story and decide if Prospect Muffler is an honest shop.
In 2002 I was fairly new to this area and I was looking for a mechanic.  My last mechanic was a guy named Ross in Las Vegas where I grew up.
Ross took care of my Father's cars and his father's cars for years so I was keen on finding another honest mechanic for me and my family.  A friend told me to see her father who owned Prospect Auto.  When I looked for it I accidentally found Prospect Muffler instead.  I had needed a radiator for my Suburban.  Bill(the owner) gave me a quote of $450 which was not high or low, about average.  He took my car for what was to be a few hours to change the radiator.  They had a difficult time finding the radiator and after 6 hours I called and Bill told me they had tried 4 different radiators until the got one that would fit and had to get an upgraded 4 core radiator when I only had a 3 core.  Knowing that many mechanics are not honest, I did not really believe they went through 4 radiators to find one that actually fit.  Nor did I believe they put in an upgraded one.  When I got to the shop to pickup my vehicle I inspected the new radiator and the old one and sure enough, they upgraded me.  When I asked Bill how much more it would be for the better radiator he told me nothing, that he quoted $450 and that is all I would be paying.  I said wow, this could be good.   Did not give it much thought till 6 months later that 4 core radiator they put in started leaking.  I headed back to Prospect Muffler just certain I would either have to pay for another radiator or a warranty processing fee or labor or any one of a hundred other ways to get more money from me.  NO, I DID NOT PAY ONE MORE CENT!  Not a shop fee, no coolant charges, NOTHING!  I said to myself, WOW, I think I found my mechanic and became a regular customer and sent all my family and whatever friends would listen to Bill and company at Prospect.  About 2 years later while chatting with Bill about his childrens' motocross meet he told me the supplier he got that radiator from would not honor a warranty and he had to eat the COMPLETE cost of replacing that radiator.  He NEVER came back to me for a cent nor did he ever say a word until that day.  I had no idea he had eaten all that cost for 2 years!  Needless to say I will NEVER go anywhere else and tell everyone they should use Prospect Muffler, they will not be disappointed.  Now I am sharing my story here so more people can have an honest mechanic! 

Dave K. Richmond Heights, MO

 By far the best pipe and muffler job I've ever had done for my restorations over the years. Highly recommended, did exactly what I asked them to do.

They also went the extra mile to help with some odd things I was stuck on including helping me dial in the engine after I rebuilt it.

Great company! 

Christine M. Fort Lauderdale, FL

 These guys are awesome! They take walk-ins no matter how busy they are, always give me a fair deal, and everyone is friendly and polite! I always go there for everything my car needs because im always happy with the service. I would highly recommend it to all of my friends and family! Rock on guys! 

Barbara S. Fort Lauderdale, FL

 Our 2006 Lexus needed an exhaust repair that Lexus would charge $2,700 for replacing the entire system.  I knew from previous experiences, that the exhaust could be repaired rather than replaced.  Fortunately, I went to Prospect Muffler & Auto Repair who fixed the exhaust pipe for $125!!  Billy Cone the owner is a pleasure to deal with and hones , far exceeding any  expectations I've had for car repair places. I highly recommend his shop for any car repair for fair, honest prices and quality of the work.  Car sounds quiet and felt solid when I drove it home. This is a family owned business.  It was nice to see that customers trust Prospect Muffer & Auto Repair, as evident by the various vintage and luxury cars on the lifts. 

Max R. Miami, FL


These guys over at Prospect muffler treated me so great!  Not only did they take care of me price wise. They didn't try to up sell me. They really are concerned with quality and customer service. I brought my Audi S5 for a full custom exhaust and can't be any happier!! Billy is a great guy and knows his trade very well. I highly recommend this shop for all your exhaust needs!!!